Go oaks!

My last few weeks have been focused on Oregon white oak, Quercus garryana. Did you know that much of the Willamette Valley, including Portland, and the Columbia River Gorge were once home to oak savannah and oak woodland? These incredibly beautiful, long-lived trees were an important part of the ecosystem for people and animals and had their own unique understory plant communities. They have been under threat for the last 200 years from logging, development, fire suppression, invasive species and now climate change. I’ve been learning as much as I can about them to help protect and rebuild these habitats. My next few posts will be about the projects and oak adventures I’ve been involved in.

Here are opportunities to learn about white oak and get involved in restoration:

October Free Skills Share: Acorn Processing Workshop with Rewild Portland
Tomorrow, Saturday October 25. Learn about oak ecology and get hands-on experience processing acorns into flour.

Friends of Overlook Bluff: Get involved to help preserve a heritage oak and create a nature trail along the Willamette Bluff in North Portland.

Friends of Baltimore Woods: Further North, this group is also working to restore and connect oak fragments along the bluff.

Backyard Habitat Certification Program: Boost the efforts of conservation and restoration groups by creating habitat in your own yard. It’s easy to get started!

Thinking about creating an urban or rural meadow or oak planting? I can help with design, planning and plant/seed sourcing. Contact Resilience Design. 


White oak at the Atlan Center near White Salmon, WA


A managed oak savannah near The Dalles, OR


The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, a place to learn about oak ecology and see oaks and their plant associates.


Sarah of Rewild Portland at the Managing Oak Woodlands workshop in The Dalles, WA this week.

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I love my work as a landscape designer and artist. When I'm not planning homesteads or working in the studio, you'll find me hiking, photographing, gardening, baking, cooking vegetarian meals with friends, reading and working on sustainability issues...with my baby on my hip in Portland, Oregon.
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