Tomatoes 2014

The snow days were a nice time for spring garden planning and I’ve got my list of tomatoes ready! These varieties will be available in limited quantities by advance order – email me or leave a comment by April 15th to reserve yours for pick-up 0r delivery in the Portland area. Sturdy starts in 4″ pots are  lovingly and organically grown in my homemade compost. $2.75 each.

‘Sun Gold’ – 65 days – Hybrid – Sweet gold cherry type – the best! Grow in the ground or in a large pot. Productive. Great for snacking right off the vine.

Amana Orange’ – 70-90 days – Amish Heirloom. A meaty, orange, beefsteak-type. One plant produced about a dozen enormous, dense-fleshed, dark-yellow fruits last year.

Japanese Black Trifele’ – 80 days – Large, pear-shaped black fruits with green shoulders. Potato leaf plant. Actually from Russia apparently. Very pretty and great flavor.

‘Glacier’ – 50 days – Considered an extra-early variety with small (2 1/2″) red-orange fruit with a slightly pointed end. It’s supposed to be sweet and have great flavor for an early variety. Determinate habit but said to produce for a long time. Good in containers. I wasn’t impressed by the productivity of this one last year but I am giving it another try.

‘Italian Red Cherry’ – about 60 days — Heirloom. A very productive, early cherry-type on a small determinate vine. This is an unusual cherry tomato because it’s open-pollinated and compact. I think of it as a mini-paste tomato: rich flavor, dense texture, great for drying.

‘Chocolate Cherry’ – 70 days – Large, dark cherry type with great flavor. Very productive. Mix these with red and orange cherry tomatoes for a rainbow salad!

‘Green Zebra’ – 75 days – I just love these tangy, pretty fruits. Medium size with green and yellow stripes. You’ll know they are ripe when the background color turns warm gold, the flesh gives slightly when squeezed and they come off the vine easily.

‘Isis Candy’ – 75 days – A sweet cherry tomato, red with orange blotches. My friend Hannah introduced it to me in Minnesota and it always reminds me of the year her mom grew hundreds of tomatoes in colorful plastic cups for our farmer’s market stand.

*‘Cherokee Purple’ – 80 days – Heirloom. Large, beefsteak-type. Dark burgundy fruit with green shoulders and amazing, rich flavor.

‘Oregon Slicer’ – 52-85 days – An early red slicing tomato that does fine in cool springs and wet weather. Prolific, with classic tomato flavor. Uniform size for canning.

‘Principe Borghese’ – 80 days (or less)– Heirloom. Small, dense fruits (2″) are excellent for drying and store well. Very productive with long trusses of fruits. Determinate. From Tuscany.

*‘Pineapple’ – 90 days –Heirloom. Large, yellow with red streaks. Fruits up to 1 pound each.

‘Sweet 100’ – 70 days – Hybrid. Classic red cherry with great flavor. Very productive.

Note that seed from the ‘heirloom’ and ‘open pollinated’ varieties can be saved for future crops. The hybrid types, on the other hand, won’t come true from seed.

*New to me this year so the description is based on catalogs and word-of-mouth. The others I can vouch for!





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