Tomatoes 2013

The tomato seeds are planted! Here are the varieties I am growing this year:

‘Tigerella’ – 60 days – Pretty, small, striped fruits. Uneven watering causes splitting. Heirloom.

‘Stupice’ – 60 days – Developed for the Pacific Northwest. Good producer. Potato leaf plant. These were still producing last year when I ripped the plants out in late October. Uniform fruits are great for canning.

‘Sun Gold’ – 65 days – Sweet gold cherry type – the best.

Violet Jasper’ – 70 days – Chinese variety, purple skin with iridescent green stripes. Small fruits, tasty and very productive. One of the most beautiful tomatoes you will ever see.

Amana Orange’ – 70-90 days – A meaty, orange, beefsteak-type. Amish Heirloom. One plant produced about a dozen enormous, dense-fleshed, dark-yellow fruits last year.

Japanese Black Trifele’ – 80 days – Medium-size, pear-shaped black fruits with green shoulders. Potato leaf plant. From Russia apparently. Very pretty and great flavor.

*‘Glacier’ – 50 days – Considered an extra-early variety with medium sized red-orange fruit said to be very sweet and flavorful for an early variety. Determinate habit but supposed to produce for a long time. Good in containers.

* ‘Italian Red Cherry’ – about 60 days — A productive, early cherry-type on a small determinate vine. Heirloom.

‘Chocolate Cherry’ – 70 days – Large, dark cherry type with great flavor. Very productive.

‘Green Zebra’ – 75 days – I just love these tangy, pretty fruits. Medium size with green and yellow stripes. You’ll know they are ripe when the background color turns warm gold, the flesh gives slightly when squeezed and they come off the vine easily.

‘Isis Candy’ – 75 days – A sweet cherry tomato, red with orange blotches. My friend Hannah introduced it to me in Minnesota and it always reminds me of the year her mom grew hundreds of tomatoes in colorful plastic cups for our farmer’s market stand.

*New to me this year.

If you would like to buy starts please pre-order by sending me an email at asylum [ at ] or commenting here. Each sturdy start in a 4″ pot is $2.50 and is lovingly and organically grown in my homemade compost.

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  1. Mulysa says:

    Tomatoes are sold out for this year!

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