Tomatoes 2012

Here’s the list of this year’s tomatoes. I have restrained myself and only grown 70 starts. I have room for up to 20 in my garden so there are a limited number available for sale. They are organically grown in my homemade compost, fertilized with Dr. Earth liquid solution.

$2.50 per 4″ pot. 

Proceeds benefit ONeST, the Overlook Neighborhood Sustainability Team. Email me or comment below to reserve yours.

They will be ready next week but I recommend waiting to put them in the ground until night temperatures are consistently in the 50’s at least, unless you have cloches. Tomatoes love warmth and they seem to grow at night!

‘Early Girl’ – 55 days – A classic, good producer (salad size) that is truly early and disease resistant. Good for canning.
‘Tigerella’ – 60 days – Pretty, small, striped fruits. Uneven watering causes splitting. Heirloom.
‘Stupice’ – 60 days – Developed for the Pacific Northwest. Good producer. Potato leaf plant.
‘Sun Gold’ – 65 days – Sweet gold cherry type.
‘Isis Candy’ – 75 days – A sweet cherry tomato, red with orange blotches, my friend Hannah introduced to me in Minnesota.
‘Vilma’ – 60 days – These plants were hilarious last year, just so cute. They are supposed to be an English greenhouse type. The package said 90 days, but they were the first plants to ripen fruit (about 60 days in the green house, a bit later outdoors). They grew 12″ tall and 12″ wide and had tons of small red fruits of average flavor. They would be perfect for patio pots or tiny plots. They did better in the greenhouse than the garden and were prone to flea beatle damage.
*Gold Nugget  – 60 days – Early, yellow cherry-sized tomato. Bred in Oregon.
Violet Jasper’ – 70 days – Chinese variety, purple skin with green stripes. Small fruits, tasty, very productive. I loved this one last year!
‘Chocolate Cherry’ – 70 days – Large, dark cherry type with great flavor
‘Green Zebra’ – 75 days – I just love these tangy, pretty fruits. Medium size with green and yellow stripes. You’ll know they are ripe when the background color turns warm gold, the flesh gives slightly when squeezed and they come off the vine easily.
*Amana Orange– 70-90 days – A meaty, orange, beefsteak-type. Amish Heirloom. Probably will get just a few fruits late in the season around here.
*Japanese Black Trifele’ – 80 days – Medium-size, pear-shaped black fruits with green shoulders. Potato leaf plant. From Russia apparently. Supposed to be an amazing flavor. Recommended to me by horticulturist Dan Bamberger.
Speckled Roman’ – 85 days – Paste type with yellow stripes. Can be stuffed. Heirloom. Frilly foliage. I had terrible luck with these getting blossom end rot in the early part of the season even though I had limed, but other gardeners loved them. At the end of the season they produced very heavily but had to be ripened off the vine (last year was not great tomato weather though).

*New to me this year.

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