Fingers crossed.

Meadow blazingstar
Liatris ligulistylis
ASTERACEAE, The Aster family

This is one of my favorite plants and I have some seed that I’m sowing tonight. It’s old – from my Minnesota garden in 2002. But the seed has been stored properly and hopefully I’ll get a few to start. To germinate it needs cold-moist stratification. So I’m putting about 100 seeds from each of two batches I have into damp horticultural sand and will put them in the fridge for about 6 weeks. Then I’ll spread the seed/sand mixture out onto potting medium and they should germinate in a couple weeks at around 65 – 70 F.

Meadow blazingstar is so special because it’s an important food for migrating Monarch butterflies. The largest plant we had in our garden once had 27 butterflies feeding on it at one time. I’ll try to dig out some photos.

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