Evergreen Solomon’s Seal

Disporopsis pernyi ‘Bill Baker Form’
ASPARAGACEAE, The Asparagus family

Spring must be just around the corner when the delightful plant hunting begins..
I came across this special Chinese perennial while putting together the plant selection for the Yard, Garden and Patio show display garden. It didn’t make the cut for the show due to some slug damaged leaves, but it is awfully pretty anyway. The arching stems grow to about 12″ and form a clump in partial or full shade. The white, lemon-scented flowers appear in spring and are followed by dark blue berries. Besides being graceful, it is tough too. It prefers rich, woodsy soil that drains well but is tolerant of dry shade once established. It’s easy to divide the rhizomes in early spring. It is hardy is zones 6 to 9.

This genus used to belong to the Ruscaceae family. What, you may rightly ask, is up with the Ruscaceae family? And I would tell you not to worry, (Thanks Wikispecies!) it’s just one of the many families that used to be broadly classed in the Lily family, Liliaceae. As we (humanity/scientists) dialed in on this huge unwieldy mass, finer divisions were established. And the process continues..

Now the genera formerly classed in Ruscaceae are considered a subfamily (Nolinoideae) of the Asparagus family, Asparagaceae. They include Ruscus, Snake plant, Solomon’s Seal, Lily turf, Lily of the Valley, Dracaena, Nolina, Cast Iron Plant, False Lily of the Valley and some others.

Evergreen Solomon’s Seal is a Great Plant Pick.

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