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Iceland Poppy ‘Champagne Bubbles’ Mix

Papaver nudicaule PAPAVERACEAE, The Poppy family These bright crepe-paper blossoms, on impossibly slender stems, are the perfect sign of spring. The popsicle-colored petals hover over mounds of wavy pale green foliage. This tempestuous time of year the weather makes flowers … Continue reading

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Columbia Desert Parsley

Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes. I had a perfect day hiking and photographing at the far end of the gorge where the spring flowers are starting. It was so nice to get some sun!

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‘Vilma’ and ‘Cherrola’

Lycopersicon esculentum SOLANACEAE, The Nightshade family It’s time to start tomato seeds! Two of the varieties I’m trying are greenhouse types from England. They must be very special because one package had 10 seeds and the other had 6, and … Continue reading

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Apricot in Bloom

Prunus armeniaca ROSACEAE, The Rose family Full bloom! Luckily the buds waited till after the cold spell to start opening, and now with daytime temps in the 50s they are opening quickly, going from 5% open to 90% in about … Continue reading

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Fingers crossed.

Meadow blazingstar Liatris ligulistylis ASTERACEAE, The Aster family This is one of my favorite plants and I have some seed that I’m sowing tonight. It’s old – from my Minnesota garden in 2002. But the seed has been stored properly … Continue reading

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Sweet pea time

Lathyrus odoratus FABACEAE, The Pea family The soil is warming up a bit. It’s actually kind of comforting that the plum is just starting to bloom now. Last year everything was frighteningly ahead of schedule. Fully thirty days. The plums … Continue reading

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Evergreen Solomon’s Seal

Disporopsis pernyi ‘Bill Baker Form’ ASPARAGACEAE, The Asparagus family Spring must be just around the corner when the delightful plant hunting begins.. I came across this special Chinese perennial while putting together the plant selection for the Yard, Garden and … Continue reading

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