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Seed starting

Finally got around to starting seeds indoors. I usually do it around March 15 but I just didn’t feel ready yet. Here’s a list of what I planted today (grouped by family), the first batch of seeds to go into … Continue reading

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Cover Crop

Cover crops, or green manure, are an attractive and effective way to improve soil. Choose one species or a blend to sow in a bare spot in your yard or in your veggie garden over the winter. Cover crop seed … Continue reading

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Veggie_Garden_Plan_2010 Originally uploaded by mulysa_may Dreaming of dilly beans.

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Sugar Cane

Saccharum sp. POACEAE, The grass family Boy does the grass family cause a lot of trouble. And make us who we are right now: Corn (monoculture, destruction of the North American prairie and 10,000 years of topsoil, genetic modification, ethanol, … Continue reading

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Cherry Espalier

Prunus avium ROSACEAE, The Rose family Today we put in a six-way espalier sweet cherry tree against a west-facing fence. Each grafted branch is a different variety which ensures good cross-pollenization. The harvest will be somewhat staggered, and we’ll get … Continue reading

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Sugar Beets

Beta vulgaris AMARANTHACEAE, The Amaranth family or CHENOPODIACEAE, The Goosefoot family What do we know about the sugar we eat every day? The majority of sugar produced is from sugar cane, the rest, roughly 30 – 40%, is from sugar … Continue reading

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Spring seeds in the cloche

I cleared enough space under the cloche to put in some seeds: Radish ‘Easter Egg’ (Raphanus sativus) These will pop up in no time. Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) Starting cilantro and parsley early when the weather is cool means a long … Continue reading

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Citizen science

Didn’t know it was science at the time. The weekly lists of what plants are flowering are just another example of my obsessive record keeping nature, and a collection of data for one of my many, many career fantasies: to … Continue reading

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Plant Walk and Sketch

Inspired by Tom Ward’s vision of the urban forest, the theme of March’s plant walk is “Nostalgic Landscapes.” We’ll walk around two North Portland neighborhoods that are populated by plants that hearken back to early resident’s homelands, chosen primarily for … Continue reading

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Spring Green

“At the end of the first month of spring, the yang ethers of heaven are said to waft down while the yin ethers of earth rise. They commingle harmoniously, and as a result the grasses and trees begin to sprout.” … Continue reading

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