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Dogwood ice cream/Sense of accomplishment

Cornelian Cherry Cornus mas CORNACEAE, the Dogwood family Cornelian cherry gelato?! This is not an opportunity to ponder for long while in line at Staccato Gelato. Or a time to start explaining to your cohorts how Cornelian cherries are not … Continue reading

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The Magic of the Cloche

Lucky Originally uploaded by mulysa_may A piece of plastic has changed my usual late winter habit. How can one have cabin fever when fresh greens are available for dinner? By February I am usually sick of food and longing for … Continue reading

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pushdot + PLYWERK

Show opening this First Friday! I’m really excited to be showing new work printed on luscious bamboo paper, mounted on bamboo panels, alongside the work of the talents listed below. Stop by and check it out: Friday, February 5 6 … Continue reading

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If you can believe it

If you can believe it Originally uploaded by mulysa_may Plum branches are ready for forcing. I brought an armful into the house first thing this morning and put them in a tall vase with warm water. Spring ethers are rising … Continue reading

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Self-sufficient in Lemons

Citrus x meyeri RUTACEAE, The Rue or Citrus family ..or hope to be at least. The Meyer lemon tree I rescued from the compost heap last summer is living in the studio happily and blooming its heart out. I stopped … Continue reading

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