SCHROPHULARIACEAE, The Snapdragon family

Here’s a good question I got today:

“Hey Mulysa, question for you about Linaria. I had read the online USDA chart wrong (oopsy), thought it was a native species in CA and WA, but the chart actually was telling me that it has been introduced in those two states – and some are noxious and invasive. From what I understand, it’s the yellow or dalmation toadflax to watch out for – but was wondering if you think there are any issues with the purple kind thats sold at the garden center.”

I think that the purple and pink types have the potential to escape cultivation, but not as a widespread agricultural pest like the little yellow one. If you have concerns in your own garden, clip off the seed heads when it’s bloom times wanes.

That yellow toadflax grew in a few little patches on the hill behind the house were I grew up, and it was my sister’s favorite. It’s common name is butter and eggs. It always reminds me of her and I like it.

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