What is a gardener without a garden?

.. I thought to myself today as I watched my client’s eye’s light up at the thought of working in her vegetable garden. She had come to buy a Witch hazel (perfect choice,) and update me on her garden progress.

A garden is: the only thing I want; a luxury; the only place I really relax; the source of nourishment; something to work for, worth the wait for.

About Mulysa

I love my work as a landscape designer and artist. When I'm not planning homesteads or working in the studio, you'll find me hiking, photographing, gardening, baking, cooking vegetarian meals with friends, reading and working on sustainability issues...with my baby on my hip in Portland, Oregon.
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One Response to What is a gardener without a garden?

  1. eireann says:

    hugs to you, lady. come live in france and have a garden!

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