Berberis thunbergii ‘Aurea’

Gold Japanese Barberry
BERBERIDACEAE, The Barberry family

The leaves are like stained glass: saturated red, orange, and green marbled with gold. They are framed by delicate black stems, wet with rain and punctuated with jewel-like red berries. Is it drought stress or just fall color? Plant here don’t seem to color so much from cool nights or shorter days, they just seem to be saying ‘ I can’t take anymore.’ We got about 2 1/2 inches of rain this summer. All summer. That’s about half of what Portland received last summer. It is just not very much water.

This barberry is hardy in zones 4 to 8. It grows about 4 feet tall and wide. While their thorns make them a poor choice for near walks, patios and entrances, they can be a security feature.

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I love my work as a landscape designer and artist. When I'm not planning homesteads or working in the studio, you'll find me hiking, photographing, gardening, baking, cooking vegetarian meals with friends, reading and working on sustainability issues...with my baby on my hip in Portland, Oregon.
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