Lunaria rediviva

Perennial honesty
BRASSICACEAE, The Mustard family

This perennial is from Europe and is a longer-lived honesty than Silver dollar plant (also called Money plant, Lunaria annua .) The flowers are subtler- smaller and more often white than pink or lavender. It is supposed to be more fragrant. Both grow to 12-36 inches tall and will produce the lovely seedpods that dry to a translucent silvery disk. (This is where it gets its genus name.) Both species will reseed themselves. Perennial honesty is hardy in zones 3 to 9.

I picked this plant today because one of my clients has it growing along her house. She is the fouth generation to have lived there, and so far as she knows her grandmother planted it. Also, I like the sound of the names, both common and scientific.

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